Wearing the city

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Yes, another midi skirt. I’ve been really into those lately and I find them really appropriate for autumn with a pair of black thighs. I’m not a big fan of patterns on my clothes( that if you don’t count stripes), but I did enjoyed this print and I think I’m gonna search for more items like this, because they really can make a outfit pop with minimal effort, maybe next time I’ll try a printed shirt ’cause I’ve seen some pretty ones.
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Skier –Β Shein

Blouse – Orsay

Jacket – New Look

Shoes – T.U.K.

Bag – H&M



  1. Yes midi skirts are definitely appropriate for autumn. I made that connection recently that it’s the in between of mini skirts and maxi skirts. Just like fall is essentially in between summer and winter. I love the design of this skirt. – culturedmisprint.com/blog

  2. Oh your skirt is beautiful! It looks like a piece of art and it adds so much dimension to your look! Love it!

    xo, jackie

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