Low cut


This post in made in collaboration with tosave.com which have been kind enough to send me some of their products to test out. The first one is this dress, and I wanted to try this type of dress for so long, but I’ve always been a bit scared that the very low neckline will show too much. After trying it out I was very happy with the way it looks, it is not showing too much and I can wear it out feeling comfortable.
The best thing about Tosave.com is that all of the things they are sellingare very affordable and usually when a dress costs $6.40( that’s how cheap this dress was) you don’t really expect a decent quality product, but for what I can tell based on the products that I’ve tried I am really happy with the way they fit and the material.
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Dress – Tosave.com

Jacket – Firetrap

Shoes T.U.K.

Shopping in the men’s section

I’ve been wanting to wear this outfit for so long, but the weather in Bucharest didn’t allowed me to wear something like that until this last week. My dress it is actually a longer t-shirt from the men fashion from H&M. If you want some band dresses you can always try the men section, especially if you are as tall as I am, which is not more then 160 cm. Good thing that for shorties like me they make shoes like the ones I wore in this outfit, they quickly became one of my favs.
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Dress: H&M

Jacket – Firetrap

Shoes – Current Mood

Bag – Current Mood


Stripes…again. I just can’t walk by a striped clothing item and leave it where it is. I personally really enjoy the shape of this dress and I think it is universally flattering. On other people the bodycon dresses look amazing and I would love to wear one, but the make my body look a bit strange, make my figure look a lot shorter and my hips a lot wider, but A-line dresses are a lot suitable for my figure. What type of dress do you prefer? Let me know in the comments
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Coat – Boohoo

Dress – H&M

Scarf – H&M

Bag – Cropp

Shoes — T.U.K.

New Project


It’s been a long time since I’ve last uploaded a post, but now I’m back and let’s hope it is gonna last this time. I’ve really missed making fashion post on this blog, even though I’m posting almost every day on instagram makeup looks, clothes still remain my first love…that sounds a bit dramatic.
For now my plan is to post as many outfits as I can untill the end of the month and in the begining of January to post a lookbook on my YouTube channel featuring all the outfits I manage to film. This first one it is something that I would wear any day I go to university or run errands…yes, I wear heels like that on my every day life. I want to incorporate in this lookbook outfits for different occasions, but most of them will be my day to day looks and beware, there is gonna be a lot of black and stripes…and heels.
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Coat – Boohoo

Blouse – H&M

Pants – Forever 21

Scarf – H&M

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell



Fall pleasures

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Fall it’s by far my favorite season for many reasons, some of them are related to pumpkin and lately with Halloween( in Romania we don’t celebrate it, so it is kind of a new thing to me), but I also love fall because now I can wear my favorite kinds if clothes and makeup. And don’t even get me started about the colors
I’ve had this PU skirt for months now, but I just can’t wear this type of material in the summer, so now is the perfect moment of it. I still have to figure out how to wear it in the colder days when I will have to wear a jacket, because I only have leather jackets and I’m not a big fan of all leather type of outfits.
What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear in the fall? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and if you want, please don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram @evasplace30 .

Blouse – H&M

Skirt – Mango

Shoes – T.U.K.

6 simple ways to make your own choker -Guest post

a-loop-choker a-bolo-tie-choker ribbon-choker2 ribbon-choker minimalistic-choker-1 a-thin-choker-with-pendant

If you haven’t bought yet a must-have of 2016 – a choker or think that you can’t afford it, here are 6

simple ways how you can make a choker by yourself.

Instruments and important things

First let’s see what we need. Every family has a big box of instruments in the closet – it’s time to check it


– Pliers

– A pair of nippers

– Awl

– Scissors

– Measuring tape

– Fittings such as union collars, clasps, fastenings

– Favorite pendants or beads

– Shoe strings

– Velvet and lace ribbons

A bolo tie choker

Take a shoe string – leather or textile – of any length you wish. Cut the edges diagonally so that it will be

easier to run them into the beads. Put two similar beads on the string and tie a knot at every edge. Cut

the extra edges and the choker is ready.

You can play with different beads and colors of the thread.

A loop choker

You’re gonna need a ring or a fitting of any other shape and 2 strings. Fold each string in half, run the

string through the ring and then run the edges of the string through the loop and tie the ring. Repeat the

same with another string. And the choker is ready.

You can choose leather, macramé or textile strings and play with the color and shape of the fitting

Ribbon choker

Measure the size of your neck in circle and deduct 1 inch. Take a velvet ribbon and cut 2 pieces of

needed length. Take a ring shape fitting, run the ribbon through it and place the pliers at the edges, so

they will not open. Then place the lobster clasp on one side and adjustable chain on another. This type

of fastening will help to adjust the choker to the most comfortable size.

This choker only looks good when it sits very close to the skin without gaps.

Minimalistic choker

Take a black lace ribbon and cut the same length as we did with ribbon choker. Place the pliers on both

ends of the ribbon and then attach a lobster clasp on one side and an adjustable chain on the other. And

a delicate and very feminine choker is ready. Wear it with a black dress with V-shape neckline or with a

top without shoulder straps.

Choker with pendant

Repeat the same process as in a previous case with a single ribbon and get lobster clasp and an

adjustable chain placed on each side of it.

Then you have to attach the pendant to the ribbon. This process really depends on the pendant you

have. You might just run the ribbon through the pendant to get it settled or you might need to use some

instruments and an additional ring to place it. If the base of your choker is leather or velvet or any textile

then it’s easier to use an awl to make a hole in it and then attach the pendant to the choker.

Make sure that the pendant and the choker match in size otherwise it will not look so nice.

A thin choker with pendant

This is basically a more delicate variation of the previous choker. Repeat the same steps with the string

and place a pendant on it. To make sure that the pendant will not move left or right along the string it

might be a good idea to attach it firmly using a fitting ring and pliers.

Again remember about the size of your pendant and the choker. If the pendant is too heavy and the

string is too soft then it will not keep its shape and the whole idea will be ruined.

Of course, if you have no time to get ready for the party then you can just pick your favorite base and a

pendant, put it all together and just tie it firmly.

Ready? Now some basic rules of wearing a choker

Chokers came back to us from early 90-s so the style of 90-s is a perfect background for this accessory. It

goes well with cotton tops and jeans and with slip dresses. Dresses without shoulder straps are also fine,

as well as blouses.

Choker are very universal accessories and they really look great with cut-offs, miniskirts and with

evening dresses as a trendy alternative to diamonds.

You can also combine wide ribbon chokers with thin string chokers to see where it goes.


soft materials

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Do you know that feeling when you go to trim the ends of your hair and in the end your hair it is a lot shorter? That’s what I’m experiencing now.. but I must admit that my hair didn’t looked this good in years.
Jumping on another subject, I’ve been loving this top so much lately, I feel like I could wear it 24/7 because it is so so soft and the print it is right up my alley, I just wish it was black not grey.
I know that in my last post I’ve said that I will try to post the outfits that I’ve wore at the festival, but I don’t have good photos and I don’t like to post things that are not at least okish, but I will try to recreate the looks and take some photos.
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I’ve bought the crop-top I was wearing in this outfit around 2 months and it somehow ended the bottom of my closet which used to be very organized, but now looks like something exploded in there and I don’t mind cleaning my house, but my closet…well that’s a whole nother story. So the pint is that I totally forgot about it and now that is was found I just can’t stop wearing it and I feel like it goes really well paird with so much stuff.
Hopefully next week I will make a post with the outfits I am going to wear at the festival I’m gonna go this weekend, I’m so exited about it.I hope you enjoyed this outfit and if you want, please don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram @evasplace30 .

Top – H&M

Skirt – Cndirect

Bag – Cropp

Shoes – T.U.K.



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just put together an outfit just to wear a pair of shoes the I want, and this one it is definitely that kind of outfit. I’ve bought this sandals last winter and since the I’ve been wanting to wear them so bad, but for some reason I’ve been king of intimidated by them. The best part about them ( other then the fact that I love the design) is that they are so comfortable, regardless the hight of the heel and the don’t give me blisters, which is a big thing for me.Needless to say that I’ve been wearing them every they since then.
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Skirt – Ebay

Tee – H&M

Hat – H&M

Bag – Thrifted

Shoes – To Be Announced


On the rush

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Hey! In my last post I’ve said that I will go back with my normal posting schedule because I was over the crazy busy time, but I couldn’t have been more wrong then that. The past 3 weeks have been the most hectic, stressfull weeks I’ve ever had and there are gonna be three more. I finally was able to take some photos of the outfit I was wearing the other day and now I’m writing this post on a rush. because I really should start writing an essay right now, so I’m gonna end it here and hope I’m gonna be back soon.
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Skirt – CNdirect

Crop top – Killstar

Shoes – Iron Fist