My inner lady

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Apparently my feminine side it is not showing up lately (or that’s what I’ve been told) so I thought it’s time to let my inner lady show up. This dress was sitting in my closet for a loooong time and it is one of my most feminine clothing items, so perfect for this outfit. Ever since I’ve got these sandals I’ve been living in them because they are so comfortable, but I’m obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell and I would have, probably, worn them anyway. What I like the most about this outfit are my bracelets, because they were making that metallic noise and I love it, makes me feel so sassy.
I hope you liked this outfit, let me know what you think about this kind of look on me. If you wanna know more of the things I’m up to follow me on Instagram @evasplace30. Have a lovely day!

Dress – Bershka

Shoes –¬†Jeffrey Campbell

Bag – Michael Kors