New witch in town

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Lately I’ve been told that I tend to dress a bit witchy and think I do, I really have been in to black dresses and hats and jewelry with different kinds of stones with supposedly different powers, even though I’m not a believer. As a Harry Potter fan I’ve always hoped that somehow magic exists and I will receive a letter to Hogwarts someday, but meah, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way we want ( and I’m sure I’m not a muggle if Hogwarts was real).
I bought this dress from one of my favorite place to waste time and money and that’s Ebay. At first I thought is was made of lace, but when it arrived I saw that it is crochet and I love it even more this way.
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Dress – Haoduoyi

Shoes – Asos

Bag – Vintage

Hat – C&A