To Birkenstock or not to Birkenstock? This is the fundamental question

Today’s post it is something new for my blog, and it is a collab with The girl from Everydayfacts , I must say I’m very excited about this. You should definitely check out her blog, because she writes really interesting posts in a funny way. Enjoy!

I am The girl from Everydayfacts.

It has been very nice of Eva to ask me to write a post for her amazing blog! I absolutely love her style and I was very pleased with (and proud of) myself for being singled out. So, without much further ado here is my post:

I love them! And then I hate them! And then I love them some more! Amidst a flurry of flatforms and platforms that come and go each season, the sturdy-soled sandal is the one with true staying power, worn each summer by every stylish fashionista.

The first pair of Birkenstock sandals I got were horrible in the beginning, I wanted to return them, but then somehow they become really comfy and I stuck with them. I tried to stay away from the whites one as everybody has them, but I think there is no escape for me this summer as I really like them lots.

Thinking about getting some? Opt for new season shades of metallic silver, pewter and gold, or go classic with navy, black and white ( 😉 ). Match yours with neutral ensembles for a minimal vibe.

Here are a few favs of mine:

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