seeing through layers

   _MG_7586 _MG_7595 _MG_7601 _MG_7571 _MG_7574 This outfit made me feel a bit uncomfortable because I’m not used to wear see thru blouses without a tank top underneath. I had this blouse for maybe a year now and I don’t think I’ve ever wore it, even though I like it. Maybe someday I’ll get over this self-conscious phase and wear this kind of clothes with confidence.
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Blouse – Ebay

Pants – Glow

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Bag – Michael Kors

Hat – C&A

Traditional Vibes

_MG_5245 _MG_5248 _MG_5254 _MG_5258 _MG_5261 _MG_5277 _MG_5279 _MG_5287 _MG_5298 hsv


I’ve got this traditional romanian blouse as a gift from my great-grandmother and I don’t know why it was sitting in my closet untouched, until now. I do believe that our traditional blouses are absolutely amazing pieces of clothing and I hope in the future I’ll own more. The shorts I was wearing I found while thrifting and I wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not, but lately I was into distressed jeans and I’ve made a little DIY project out of my clothes and I instantly liked them more. I hope you liked this outfit and, if you want, don’t forget to follow me on instagram where I’m more active.

Blouse – Vintage traditional blouse

Shorts – Dingo

Bag – Pimkie