In transition

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     I’m the one that loves cold and gloomy weather( even though in these photos is not like that) . Plus Christmas it’s only 25 days away and I love picking up presents for my loved ones and I can’t wait to start looking for. But even if I love this time of year, winter can be quite harsh in Romania and I know it is gonna be a while until I will be able to wear these shoes so I thought I’ll give them a go and build up this outfit around them, which is kind if my everyday outfit.

     If my hair looks a bit weird at the moment it’s because I’m transitioning all of it to turquoise and it takes a while. Hopefully in 10 day’s it’s gonna be a single colour.
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Coat – Vintage

Pants – Forever21

Blouse – Sense

Bag – Vintage

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Coffee o’clock

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If you are following me on instagram you probably already know by now that I love coffee with a passion, so as soon as I lay my eyes on that t-shirt I had to have it. And yes, that is a t-shirt but it is very long and I’m quite short so I can us it as a dress( even though I was wearing a pair of shorts underneath). I like it when I can wear clothing items in different ways, it gives me the impression that I have more clothes, even though I have more than a person needs, but for some unknown reason never enough. Please tell me about how do you feel about having enough clothes, I would really like to know.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and if you want, please don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram @evasplace30. Have a lovely day!

Jacket- New Look

T-shirt – Terranova

Hat – Ebay

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell spiked damsel

Bag – Vintage

My inner lady

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Apparently my feminine side it is not showing up lately (or that’s what I’ve been told) so I thought it’s time to let my inner lady show up. This dress was sitting in my closet for a loooong time and it is one of my most feminine clothing items, so perfect for this outfit. Ever since I’ve got these sandals I’ve been living in them because they are so comfortable, but I’m obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell and I would have, probably, worn them anyway. What I like the most about this outfit are my bracelets, because they were making that metallic noise and I love it, makes me feel so sassy.
I hope you liked this outfit, let me know what you think about this kind of look on me. If you wanna know more of the things I’m up to follow me on Instagram @evasplace30. Have a lovely day!

Dress – Bershka

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Bag – Michael Kors

Back Details

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          Initially I’ve bought this dress from Ebay as a swimsuit cover up, but I think it is a little bit to thick for that. I really like the detail on the back and the fact that it is open makes it more feminine. What I kinda don’t like is the underskirt, which is a bit to short for my taste and it makes me panic a little when I’m walking, because it feels like everything is showing. I’ve tried to make something with my hair that day and after a night spent on hair curlers(and a little help with Magic Curler) the results were not what I’ve expected. I hope you liked this outfit and, if you want more of my style adventure follow me on instagram @evasplace30.

Dress – Magical world of Ebay

Hat – C&A

Bag – Burberry

Shoes – Steve Madden