From my mama

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     I think this is the most feminine outfit I’ve posted on my blog, probably because feminine and cute outfits are not really my first choice. I took this dress from my mom ’cause she didn’t wear it anymore( I think she use to wear it when she was my age) and it is so soft and flowy and I love the feel it gives me. To make it fit me a little bit better I’ve accessorized it with a wide belt. Also I like the fact that I can wear this dress with a hat, I think I will like everything a bit more with a hat or a leather jacket/vest. Now I’m trying not to buy two more hats I’ve seen the other day at H&M, but I don’t think that I’m that strong, what can I say, everybody has a weakness. See you next time, until then you can follow me on instagram for more updates.

Dress – Vintage

Hat – C&A

Bag – Steve Madden