school of witchcraft

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     And another witchy outfit. Lately I feel more and more drawn in to this style and in a way it represents me. This time I’m a back to school witch. At first I had no intention to wear those shoes with those socks, I just wanted to see how they fit, but the first second I put my shoes on they screamed back to school, so I decided to put together this look.
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Crop-top – C&A

Hat – C&A

Skirt – Cndirect

Shoes – T.U.K

New witch in town

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Lately I’ve been told that I tend to dress a bit witchy and think I do, I really have been in to black dresses and hats and jewelry with different kinds of stones with supposedly different powers, even though I’m not a believer. As a Harry Potter fan I’ve always hoped that somehow magic exists and I will receive a letter to Hogwarts someday, but meah, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way we want ( and I’m sure I’m not a muggle if Hogwarts was real).
I bought this dress from one of my favorite place to waste time and money and that’s Ebay. At first I thought is was made of lace, but when it arrived I saw that it is crochet and I love it even more this way.
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Dress – Haoduoyi

Shoes – Asos

Bag – Vintage

Hat – C&A

a little striped obsession

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I know I’ve been missing again for a while, even though I said I’m trying to keep up with a schedule( or at least a sort of a schedule), but this last week I’ve been to a music festival which has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life, but about that in the next post.
Once again I’m wearing a striped clothing item, and no, I just can’t stop myself. That day was a funny one and I think you can judge be the photos that we had a bit of fun taking them.
I’m keeping this post short, because I’ve just arrived home and I’m so tired. I hope you liked this outfit, if you wanna know more of the things I’m up to. please subscribe and follow me on instagram @evasplace30. Have a lovely day!

Dress – Terranova

Crop top – C&A

Bag – Vintage

Hat – Ebay

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Edgy stripes

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    I don’t know if I told you before, but I hate wearing leggings in public. The only thing that would make me wear them is if it has stripes and that’s why I’m posting an outfit like this. I had another pair of striped leggings a few years ago and when I stumble over these while wasting time on Ebay and I had to have them( ’cause stripes makes everything looks better). What I like about this outfit it is the fact that it gives me an edgy kind of filling and I’m really into that lately. Sorry if you got bored while scrolling through all those photos( there are more than I usually post) but I had a bit of fun while taking them. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and if you want more updates go check out my instagram  @evasplace30. Bye!

Hat – C&A

Blouse – Zara

Leggings – Ebay

Leather and henna

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   I know this outfit it is nothing new, but I wore this combo the other day and I really liked the way it made me feel and how it looked and I thought why not take some pictures for a post while wearing it. This really is something I really enjoy wearing, because it has so much of me in it with the black, the leather and the hat. Also I was obsessing over my new henna tattoo which I absolutely love and I can’t wait to get another one.
I also have some news, my first YouTube video is up and I’m partially excites, partially scared. I know it might look a little off but now I’m working to improve my editing. I will put a link down below and please let me know what you think.

Crop Top – Fishbone

Vest – Amisu

Skirt – Noisy May

Hat- C&A

Bag – Pimkie

From my mama

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     I think this is the most feminine outfit I’ve posted on my blog, probably because feminine and cute outfits are not really my first choice. I took this dress from my mom ’cause she didn’t wear it anymore( I think she use to wear it when she was my age) and it is so soft and flowy and I love the feel it gives me. To make it fit me a little bit better I’ve accessorized it with a wide belt. Also I like the fact that I can wear this dress with a hat, I think I will like everything a bit more with a hat or a leather jacket/vest. Now I’m trying not to buy two more hats I’ve seen the other day at H&M, but I don’t think that I’m that strong, what can I say, everybody has a weakness. See you next time, until then you can follow me on instagram for more updates.

Dress – Vintage

Hat – C&A

Bag – Steve Madden

Give it a little oomph

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        As always adding a hat it gives a little oomph to any outfit, and that is one of those cases. I wasn’t sure about this outfit, even if I like all black I was feeling it was missing something, soooo there is my favorite hat. I’ve had that blouse for a long while and there was a time when I was obsessed with it, but I think I haven’t wear it in over a year. I wish I had the guts to wear it with just a bralette underneath, but I had to pair it with a plain t-shirt( ’cause I don’t know where are all my black tank tops). Oh, and I also think I’ve to re dye my hair.

Blouse – Sense

Jeans – H&M

Hat – C&A

Bah – Michael Kors