6 simple ways to make your own choker -Guest post

a-loop-choker a-bolo-tie-choker ribbon-choker2 ribbon-choker minimalistic-choker-1 a-thin-choker-with-pendant

If you haven’t bought yet a must-have of 2016 – a choker or think that you can’t afford it, here are 6

simple ways how you can make a choker by yourself.

Instruments and important things

First let’s see what we need. Every family has a big box of instruments in the closet – it’s time to check it


– Pliers

– A pair of nippers

– Awl

– Scissors

– Measuring tape

– Fittings such as union collars, clasps, fastenings

– Favorite pendants or beads

– Shoe strings

– Velvet and lace ribbons

A bolo tie choker

Take a shoe string – leather or textile – of any length you wish. Cut the edges diagonally so that it will be

easier to run them into the beads. Put two similar beads on the string and tie a knot at every edge. Cut

the extra edges and the choker is ready.

You can play with different beads and colors of the thread.

A loop choker

You’re gonna need a ring or a fitting of any other shape and 2 strings. Fold each string in half, run the

string through the ring and then run the edges of the string through the loop and tie the ring. Repeat the

same with another string. And the choker is ready.

You can choose leather, macramé or textile strings and play with the color and shape of the fitting

Ribbon choker

Measure the size of your neck in circle and deduct 1 inch. Take a velvet ribbon and cut 2 pieces of

needed length. Take a ring shape fitting, run the ribbon through it and place the pliers at the edges, so

they will not open. Then place the lobster clasp on one side and adjustable chain on another. This type

of fastening will help to adjust the choker to the most comfortable size.

This choker only looks good when it sits very close to the skin without gaps.

Minimalistic choker

Take a black lace ribbon and cut the same length as we did with ribbon choker. Place the pliers on both

ends of the ribbon and then attach a lobster clasp on one side and an adjustable chain on the other. And

a delicate and very feminine choker is ready. Wear it with a black dress with V-shape neckline or with a

top without shoulder straps.

Choker with pendant

Repeat the same process as in a previous case with a single ribbon and get lobster clasp and an

adjustable chain placed on each side of it.

Then you have to attach the pendant to the ribbon. This process really depends on the pendant you

have. You might just run the ribbon through the pendant to get it settled or you might need to use some

instruments and an additional ring to place it. If the base of your choker is leather or velvet or any textile

then it’s easier to use an awl to make a hole in it and then attach the pendant to the choker.

Make sure that the pendant and the choker match in size otherwise it will not look so nice.

A thin choker with pendant

This is basically a more delicate variation of the previous choker. Repeat the same steps with the string

and place a pendant on it. To make sure that the pendant will not move left or right along the string it

might be a good idea to attach it firmly using a fitting ring and pliers.

Again remember about the size of your pendant and the choker. If the pendant is too heavy and the

string is too soft then it will not keep its shape and the whole idea will be ruined.

Of course, if you have no time to get ready for the party then you can just pick your favorite base and a

pendant, put it all together and just tie it firmly.

Ready? Now some basic rules of wearing a choker

Chokers came back to us from early 90-s so the style of 90-s is a perfect background for this accessory. It

goes well with cotton tops and jeans and with slip dresses. Dresses without shoulder straps are also fine,

as well as blouses.

Choker are very universal accessories and they really look great with cut-offs, miniskirts and with

evening dresses as a trendy alternative to diamonds.

You can also combine wide ribbon chokers with thin string chokers to see where it goes.