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Hello again! It has been a while since my last post, but now I’m back. In this outfit I’m wearing a skirt that I’ve bought almost a year ago, but I’ve never wore it until now, because I’m kind of short and the length of this it’s not that flattering on my figure plus I couldn’t find a blouse to combine with, but now I really like pairing it with a leather jacket or vest. I think that this is the third outfit in a row wearing this shoes, but I cannot get enough of them!!
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Skirt – Atmosphere

Blouse – Amisu

Jacket – New Look

Shoes – T.U.K.

Bag – Atmosphere

September rain

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    Finally fall is here! That’s my favorite time of the year, because I can wear more layers and scarves, rainy weather and the food! oh, I just love pumpkin. I think Halloween it would be my favorite holiday, but in Romania we don’t really celebrate it.
I’ve been waiting to wear this blouse for quite some time now, but Bucharest was so hot until this week. Guns N’ Roses is one of my all time favorites bands and I grow up listening to their music. As for the rest of this outfit, this is the kind of look that I would put together when I’m on a rush or I just wanna feel comfy.
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Jacket – New Look

Jeans – H&M

Blouse – H&M

Bag – Amisu

Leather and henna

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   I know this outfit it is nothing new, but I wore this combo the other day and I really liked the way it made me feel and how it looked and I thought why not take some pictures for a post while wearing it. This really is something I really enjoy wearing, because it has so much of me in it with the black, the leather and the hat. Also I was obsessing over my new henna tattoo which I absolutely love and I can’t wait to get another one.
I also have some news, my first YouTube video is up and I’m partially excites, partially scared. I know it might look a little off but now I’m working to improve my editing. I will put a link down below and please let me know what you think.

Crop Top – Fishbone

Vest – Amisu

Skirt – Noisy May

Hat- C&A

Bag – Pimkie

Birthday Girl

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   Today is my birthday, yeeey. I know in these photos I’m wearing barely any make-up and I look like a 13 year old, but today I’m 23(kind of hard to believe it). Mostly I’ve put together this outfit for those amazing shoes I got from my parents as a birthday gift. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I chose a simple black outfit ’cause I really think the shoes stand out a lot, so my favorite kind of look ( all black with my leather vest) was the right choice. I’ve tried to make a little DIY project out of my old black jeans and rip them a little, but it wasn’t really what I’ve expected. I hope you like this kind of look as much as I do and if you want more updates of what it is going on don’t forget to follow me on instagram where I am a little more active. Bye!

Vest – Amisu

Tee – H&M

Shoes – Iron Fist

Old moods

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     Lately I’ve been in my old “all black” kind of mood, and once again I feel like I do not own enough black clothing items ( even though more than 70% of my wardrobe is black). I’ve had these pair of pants for a long time and I don’t know how I forgot about them , ’cause there was a time when I was absolutely obsessed about them. I’ve always liked pants that are kind of looking like leather, though I’ve never had leather pants, not even faux leather pants, because I think those pants are not really comfortable. Another thing I like about these pair right here is that they are kind of damaged and I’m all about clothes with holes or ripped jeans, with that really soft feel to it, it gives a little more personality.

Pants – Glow

Blouse – Vintage

Jacket – Ebay

Bag – Meli Melo

Pinkie promise



    I know it’s that vest again, it felt like in the past 2 weeks I wore that thing constantly and I can’t get enough of it, but I promise that I will not use it in a blog outfit for a long time. Today was kind of a rainy day ( it was raining lightly while I was taking these photos) but it was worm, just the perfect weather for me. I told you a while ago that I wanna try to wear more dresses and skirts and this lovely thing was sitting in my dresser for a year and I felt like it was it was finally time to wear it. I don’t usually wear these kind of stockings ’cause I’m short and I feel like it makes me even shorter, but this time I thought it looked good. Please excuse the state of my hair, it was freshly washed and the rain made it even frizzier.

Vest – Amisu

Skirt – Fishbone

Blouse – Orsay

Bag – Amisu