Touches of Red

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          Oh well that’s, probably a bit too much red in a single outfit. I think that when I put together this look I was searching in the deepest corner of my wardrobe, because there are some really old pieces here. I know that I’ve said this before and I didn’t did it, but I REALLY need to give those pants way ’cause they don’t look the way they are supposed to anymore. It doesn’t happen often to me, but it feels like I’m emotionally attached to these pants and I always go back to them. And with those shoes I think you already if you are following my posts that I love Jeffrey Campbell and even if I love new shoes, I don’t have a problem wearing some old ones as long as they are not falling apart. Also I’m still not over bralettes yet, who says that if it is not summer anymore we can’t make them work?
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Jacket – Amisu

Blouse – H&M

Pants – Glow

Bag – Meli Melo

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Most Wanted Damsels

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In case you haven’t noticed the stars of this post are my amazing shoes, or in my opinion they are amazing. I’ve wanted for years now a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita or Damsel and I’m sooo happy I’ve finally have one. At first I thought it will be kind of tricky to walk with them, but it is not half as bad as I was thinking and now I just can’t get enough of them.
As for the dress I know it is not really flattering, but Bucharest was so hot the past couple of weeks and this dress from H&M( I feel like I’m doing all my shopping from this store lately) is so soft and easy to wear ’cause is not close to my body.
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Dress – H&m

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Damsel

Bag – Burberry

Hat – C&A