Old moods

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     Lately I’ve been in my old “all black” kind of mood, and once again I feel like I do not own enough black clothing items ( even though more than 70% of my wardrobe is black). I’ve had these pair of pants for a long time and I don’t know how I forgot about them , ’cause there was a time when I was absolutely obsessed about them. I’ve always liked pants that are kind of looking like leather, though I’ve never had leather pants, not even faux leather pants, because I think those pants are not really comfortable. Another thing I like about these pair right here is that they are kind of damaged and I’m all about clothes with holes or ripped jeans, with that really soft feel to it, it gives a little more personality.

Pants – Glow

Blouse – Vintage

Jacket – Ebay

Bag – Meli Melo