the struggle is real

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Tank tops and bralettes are one of my favorites things to wear right now, even though I must say that I am a bit self conscious when my bralette is showing a bit too much and I’m trying to balance thing a little by wearing something loose and oversized on top so I can cover myself a little, but still letting the bralette be a important part in my outfit. The one thing that makes me sad about bralettes is that I can hardly find some that would fit me, because they are not made for us busty girls, so if you know a place where I could find some, please let me know.
The day I wore this outfit I was out having fun with a friend and we took a few photos while enjoying a sunny and and old pretty houses. Now that I can take off a few layers of clothes ( I know that in a month or so I will miss my leather jacket ) I’m really excited about wearing spring outfits. What are you excited of wearing again now that the cold weather is gone? Let me know in the comments.
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Tank top – H&M

Bralette – D.I.Y.

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Backpack – Thrifted