hunting for plaid

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I know that jacket it is way too big on me, but have you ever had one of those days when you just don’t wanna feel anything tight on you? well that was one of those days for me and my mom’s leather jacket was just the thing. Since I can remember I’ve been really into plaid skirts and since I’m on a plaid loving period I’ve been on a hunt for a skirt and I found this one on a thrift store. Now I really want a green and black one really bad and I hope I’ll find a midi one.
I know I’m wearing yet again these shoes, but I’m sooo in love with them and I feel I can wear them with almost everything.
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Skirt – Thrifted

Jacket – Ebay

Blouse – Ebay

Shoes – T.U.K.

90’s throwback

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Lately I found myself going towards the 90’s style and music, so whenever I’m thinking about grunge fashion the first things that are coming to my mind are plaid, chokers and braids. This outfit it is something that I would wear on a day when I don’t really have time to put together something more elaborate or don’t wanna feel my clothes that much and I need something loose. To add just a lil bit of spice to this look I choose to wear my favorite pair of shoes( I just cannot stop myself from being amazed with how comfortable they are). I believe that at some point I posted an outfit similar to this one, but I’m really enjoying this 90’s vibe.
Being the beginning of october means university have started and my schedule is crazy for the moment( I really need a 48 hours day), but I well try to keep up with everything.
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Shirt – Fishbone

Vest – Amisu

T-Shirt – DIY project

Jeans – H&M

Bag – Amisu

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell


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     That was an unexpected day. When I left the house it was kind of rainy, so I grabbed a plaid shirt, but by the time I got to take the photos for this post it was so sunny( and of course my sunglasses war standing on my makeup table). Even though I don’t usually wear a dress with a shirt round my waist, I think this time I looked ok, giving the outfit a grungy touch, also I absolutely love plaid and leather combos . As I said a while ago, I wanna experience more skirts and dresses and now I really like it, so I think you’re gonna see more outfits containing them.

Dress – H&M

T-shirt – Fishbone

Vest – Amisu

Shirt – Fishbone

Boots – Steve Madden


A grunge touch

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                   I know it is not classy and stylish and all of that, but one of my favorite materials of all times is plaid, and when combined with leather or black I think it looks so grungy and … divine (or at least for me). That day I was out for a walk with my boyfriend because of the newly installed warm weather, and what can be a better choice to wear then a pair of old comfortable jeans, a soft t-shirt and, of course, a plaid shirt to add a grunge touch to the outfit.
Oh, please ignore the garbage in the background, I don’t really know what was in my mind when I picked that place.

Shirt – Fishbone

T-shirt – Bershka

Jeans – Vintage