The rocker witch

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Hey! I know it has been awhile since my last outfit post, but here I am with an outfit that I’ve been crazy about the last two weeks and I don’t say that lightly, I think I’ve worn this outfit at least 4 times in the last weeks and when it comes form me that really tells something. If you’ve been to my blog before you know that I tend to go back and forth between a rocker kind of style and a witchy one and in this outfit I feel like I have a little bit of bought. Of course I can’t wait to wear my full on witch outfit, but until then I’m searching this kind of combos. Let me know in the comments what kind of outfit have been your favorite lately.
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Jacket – Firetrap
Skirt – Terranova
Blouse – H&M
Tee- Pull and Bear
Shoes – T.U.K.
Bag – Amisu

Yet another striped outfit

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     And yet another striped outfit. I don’t know if you got bored of my stripes( I hope not) because I certainly am not. At this point I’m trying to get advantage of the last few warmer days so I’m wearing skirts and dresses almost everyday. I’ve wanted a skirt like this for ages, because I’ve accumulated a lot of skirts lately, but I didn’t had a simple black mini skirt. At this moment I’m trying to find more printed skirts, preferably some midi ones, so if you know a website where I can find some cute ones please let me know.
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Blouse – Vintage

Skirt – Shein

Shoes – T.U.K.

Jacket – Ebay

Bag – Steve Madden

Hat – C&A

Wearing the city

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Yes, another midi skirt. I’ve been really into those lately and I find them really appropriate for autumn with a pair of black thighs. I’m not a big fan of patterns on my clothes( that if you don’t count stripes), but I did enjoyed this print and I think I’m gonna search for more items like this, because they really can make a outfit pop with minimal effort, maybe next time I’ll try a printed shirt ’cause I’ve seen some pretty ones.
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Skier – Shein

Blouse – Orsay

Jacket – New Look

Shoes – T.U.K.

Bag – H&M

turquoise dots

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Hello again! It has been a while since my last post, but now I’m back. In this outfit I’m wearing a skirt that I’ve bought almost a year ago, but I’ve never wore it until now, because I’m kind of short and the length of this it’s not that flattering on my figure plus I couldn’t find a blouse to combine with, but now I really like pairing it with a leather jacket or vest. I think that this is the third outfit in a row wearing this shoes, but I cannot get enough of them!!
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Skirt – Atmosphere

Blouse – Amisu

Jacket – New Look

Shoes – T.U.K.

Bag – Atmosphere

school of witchcraft

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     And another witchy outfit. Lately I feel more and more drawn in to this style and in a way it represents me. This time I’m a back to school witch. At first I had no intention to wear those shoes with those socks, I just wanted to see how they fit, but the first second I put my shoes on they screamed back to school, so I decided to put together this look.
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Crop-top – C&A

Hat – C&A

Skirt – Cndirect

Shoes – T.U.K

Undercover Misfit

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     Until now I’ve never worn a midi skirt, mainly because I’m quite short and I don’t think it looks that flattering on me, but I really liked how it looks on other girls and I thought I’d give it a try with this black one. I’ve chosen a plain skirt because I didn’t wanna attract too much attention to my bottom side and I’m not a big fan of patterns anyway. Lately I’ve been really into band tees (again), so I think you’re gonna see a lot more around here in the near future.

    I don’t know if it happens to everyone, but every time I’m wearing new shoes I’m getting horrible blisters and these jelly sandals from Asos are making me feel like I’m walking through the darkest pit of Hell, but I really like them and I’m making myself walk through Hell every once in a while. I hope you liked this outfit, don’t forget to watch my latest OOTD video and follow me on instagram @evasplace30 if you want. Have a lovely day!

Tee – Pull and Bear

Skirt – CHOiES

Shoes – Asos

Shades – Evita Peroni

Bag – Meli Melo

Summer sunrise

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     Sadly, my vacation is already over and I’m back to work, with tons of stuff to catch up with and I’m still feeling that vacation laziness. It was amazing to take a break and I’m already missing the sea. Even through I was living in my swimsuit cover-up most of the time, when I didn’t, I tried to wear loose clothes because it was so hot outside and my sun allergy was killing me. Somehow I’ve managed to catch a tan and now I’m thinking of ways to rub it off my skin, so if you know how to do it  please let me know. I hope you liked this outfit and if you wanna know more things that I’m up to follow me on instagram @evasplace30. Have a lovely day!

Skirt – Amisu

Crop-top – C&A

Leather and henna

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   I know this outfit it is nothing new, but I wore this combo the other day and I really liked the way it made me feel and how it looked and I thought why not take some pictures for a post while wearing it. This really is something I really enjoy wearing, because it has so much of me in it with the black, the leather and the hat. Also I was obsessing over my new henna tattoo which I absolutely love and I can’t wait to get another one.
I also have some news, my first YouTube video is up and I’m partially excites, partially scared. I know it might look a little off but now I’m working to improve my editing. I will put a link down below and please let me know what you think.

Crop Top – Fishbone

Vest – Amisu

Skirt – Noisy May

Hat- C&A

Bag – Pimkie

Good girl gone bad

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          I don’t believe I will say this twice in a week, but I really enjoyed this outfit, and I’m wearing a skirt. Also it is the second time this week when most of the clothes I’m wearing are thrifted, which in my opinion it is a great thing, ’cause I love spending as little as possible on clothes I like. I’m going through a faze when I’m loving band tees(again) and most of my old collection is gone, so I’m trying to find some new ones that I like, but until them I’m wearing the ones I’ve got non-stop. Another thing I’m really into lately are over the knee sock, because I feel like they are giving a little oomph to the outfit, and I don’t feel like I’m showing that much skin. Oh, and this outfit make me feel such a badass :))

Tee and skirt – Vintage

Blazer – H&M

Bag – Amisu

Thrifted stripes

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      Don’t know about you, but I.LOVE.STRIPES. I really really enjoyed this outfit and I will definitely wear it again soon. Probably this kind of pattern it is making my frame look wider, but I still love it. Also it reminds me of Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd which is my favorite movie of all times, because Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter it is kind of enough for me. Both the skirt( which has a pair of shorts underneath and that’s amazing) and the crop top are thrifted. I really like thrifting ’cause you never know what really treasure you can find, and sometimes it is also kind of therapeutic going through old stuff, at least for me it is.